Our work

→ Papier Machine vol 0. is available for order here ! ←

Pinaffo Pluvinage is a creative studio which use design and technology to create singular experiences. Recently, they made a animated screen made of 100 meters ribon called 100 meters stories, a book gathering 13 paper-made printed electronic toys called Papier Machine, an arcade room only made with paper and carbone ink called Arcade Poster at Musée des Arts décoratifs, an hydrophobic construction game called Droplet Castle for the CNRS,  a jello based musical interface called Noisy Jelly , an installation also jello based called Jelly Safari for la gaité Lyrique, a series of furnitures to scratch called Scratch Island  for studio 13-16 centre pompidou, a book of 7 seven stories to grasp what algorithm is called Forme d'Algorithme.

To discover their last work, just follow them here and here. You can email them here.