Fanions et carillons , 2023,
Mixed media installation
(4 x 2 x 7m) 
painted wood, motor, silk, electronic

An automaton made up of a set of 14 pennants that are discovered inert, and which awaken in turn to create ephemeral forms that mutate, respond and compose themselves.
Like a harmony of chimes creating a melody, this ensemble creates a choreography at regular intervals. A symphony of fabrics.

Commissioned by l’Abbaye de Fontevraud

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En Cascade, Mécanique Sablonneuse 
Mixed media installation
(11 x 3.5 x 4.5m)

A micro-architecture-automaton, made of paper and cardboard, using sand as its sole means of propulsion, without electricity, yet approaching the sophistication of electronic machines.

Part of the Mondes Nouveaux program, which supports artistic and contemporary creation.

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Sfumato , 2023,
5 photographs
(50 x 61 cm)
giclée print on Hahnemühle Photorag
edition of 25
1 video (01:26s)

Series of 5 smoke drawings created without motors, electronics, computer-generated images or artificial intelligence.

Initiated by hand, the system conserves its energy thanks to a set of balances, weights and pulleys. The idea was to confront the chaos and unpredictability of smoke, and try to "program" it as best we could.

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Affiches Artifices, 2021,
Papier, Poudres pyrotechniques
12 model
editions of 3
50 x 70 cm 

Each poster is a little spectacle printed on paper. Combining several pyrotechnic powders, “Affiches Artifices” is a ongoing work. New posters coming soon.

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Pastilles et Partitions, 2023,
Powder-coated steel
(4x2x4 m)

Sculpture conceived as a play of intersecting colors, a great mechanical pendulum that gives rhythm to the sky and beats time. The walker is invited to activate the hands, to create the movement to give the signal and the bridge of departure.

Commisionned and part of the permanent outdoor circuit tour of Vent des Forêts.

The work was created with the help of Rennesson Chauronerie and D'EMS Location.