Sfumato n°1,2,3,4,5,  2023

Series of 5 smoke drawings created without motors, electronics, computer-generated images or artificial intelligence.

Initiated by hand, the system conserves its energy thanks to a set of balances, weights and pulleys. The idea was to confront the chaos and unpredictability of smoke, and try to "program" it as best we could.

Setting out in search of an imaginary visual communication system - one that might have existed somewhere between a Chappe telegraph and smoke signals - we let ourselves be drawn into a low-tech radicalism, and the making of these images turned into a series of epic challenges (preserving movement, friction, the unpredictability of a material sensitive to the slightest breeze, capricious pyrotechnics, etc.).

What's the point today of expending so much effort when such images could be created in the warmth of Midjourney or elsewhere?

Each of the 5 photographs is published in 25 copies, (50 x 61 cm), giclée print on Hahnemühle Photorag.

request at hello@pinaffo-pluvinage.com

→ HD picture folder
→ Video link (vimeo)