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Winner of the Prix
Pierre Keller

(Hublot Prize)

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In colors, etc.
Tripostal, Lille (FR)
05-2021 >  10-2021

Noisy Jelly, 2012-2013

With Marianne Cauvard
Plywood, jelly, silicone, dye,
electronics, speakers.
420 x 300 x 150 cm

Noisy Jelly is a proposal for expanding our scope of imagination in relation to the physicality of the pushbutton. Wet, soft and sticky, Noisy Jelly is a sonic “chemistry set” offering an experience that’s the opposite of using a smartphone. Blocks of colored gelatin, resting on metal contact points linked to an electrical current, produce various sounds when they are touched [...]


Phénomènes, MADD,  Bordeaux (FR), 2019
Noisy Jelly , Cité Frugès - For House life , Pessac (FR), 2017

Sound and Matter in Design, Design museum, Holon (IL) 2017 
Electrosound,  fondation EDF, Paris (FR) 2016