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Winner of the Prix
Pierre Keller

(Hublot Prize)

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In colors, etc.
Tripostal, Lille (FR)
05-2021 >  10-2021

Jelly Safari n°1, n°2, n°3, 2013
With Marianne Cauvard, and Flavien Berger (sounds)
Mixed media installations
n°1 120 x 80 x 170 cm
n°2 365 x 250 x 40 cm
n°3 160 x 160 x 55 cm

Divided in 3 modules — Safari, Laboraty and Cemetery — the installation questions the interface as living form, an interface that can be crushed, destroyed, or even eaten. Can an interface include its own destruction as part of the game?

Comissioned by La Gaité Lyrique
For Capitaine Future , Paris (FR), 2013