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Winner of the Prix
Pierre Keller

(Hublot Prize)

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In colors, etc.
Tripostal, Lille (FR)
05-2021 >  10-2021

Code set, 2018
342 blocs en carton sérigraphiés,
balles en lièges
800 x 1200 x 200 cm

Code set is a cardboard construction that combines elements of various encoding systems in a character code using colors. The series of colors form sequences of instructions. You are invited to line up colored cardboard blocks following a specified order of colors. Once the sequence is completed, you will discover the circuit that was contained in the code. By releasing a ball into the circuit, you can observe its pattern [...]

Phénomènes, MADD Bordeaux (FR), 2019

Extraordinaire!, MUDAC, Lausanne (CH) , 2020