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Winner of the Prix
Pierre Keller

(Hublot Prize)

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Tripostal, Lille (FR)
05-2021 >  10-2021

100 meters stories, 2018
with Tamara Efrat
Reel of cotton ribbon, metal frame,
motor and electronics.
250 x 200 x 60 cm

100 Meter Stories is a display screen made up of a moving ribbon mounted on a metal frame. This device re-examines the equation between the sophistication of the message and the restrictions of its display system. As the ribbon moves, it displays an encrypted message. At certain moments the patterns converge to reveal intelligible shapes, which then disintegrate to create new ones [...]

the Jerusalem design week

Phénomènes, MADD Bordeaux (FR), 2019

The human conservation project,Jerusalem design week (IL), 2019