Code Bricks

Code Bricks

A code is essentially a language that can be used to transmit information to people or machines. A character code transcribes a natural language into a series of abstract characters according to a system known to both sender and receiver. It can, for example, take the form of Morse Code, which conveys messages in dots and dashes, or the binary system (1 or 0) that serves as the basis of all digital technology.

Code Bricks is a cardboard construction that combines elements of various encoding systems in a character code using colors. The series of colors form sequences of instructions. You are invited to line up colored cardboard blocks following a specified order of colors. Once the sequence is completed, you will discover the circuit that was contained in the code. By releasing a ball into the circuit, you can observe its pattern and follow the sequencing of the modules. The designers have encoded 15 circuits. You can also create your own circuit and save it as a color code for other players.

pictures are from Claire Lavabre

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