Water Tower

Water tower

The term “functionalized surface” is used to designate a set of materials whose surfaces exhibit exceptional behaviors due to their invisible structures and textures. For example, a superhydrophobic surface, like that of a lotus leaf, is very difficult to wet. Water flows rapidly over it, never soaking into the material. This phenomenon is the result of a complex structure on a microscopic scale, invisible to the naked eye.

Water Tower is a set of circuits for water droplets. The plaster slabs are covered with a superhydrophobic polymer that repels water drops. Various types of blocks (straight channels, turns, loops…) make it possible to play with and gain an understanding of this invisible physical phenomenon.

with Juliette Gelli, developed in a residency at the "Institut Charles Sadron", CNRS, Strasbourg.

Scientific Supervisor : Wiebke Drenckhan
With the Support of :
IDEX at University of Strasbourg, DRAC Alsace, Carnot Mica InsTitut, Jardin des Sciences, DUN of University of Strasbourg.