Arcade Posters 2

Arcade Posters 2

Target n°2
All of the sensors that surround us, whether they detect light, water, the temperature or wind, are based on the principle of the switch: a physical system or chemical component that allows more or less electrical current to pass depending on the environmental measurement in question. For example, the humidity sensors in our electronic devices incorporate a water-absorbent material, usually paper. Depending on the quantity of moisture absorbed, the material conducts more or less electricity.

This Target functions as a gigantic humidity sensor. Using a straw like a blowgun, players propel balls of wet paper onto the poster. When one of them touches two lines of black conductive ink, it closes the circuit and triggers the playback of a sound. Each of the target’s zones, some easier and some harder to hit, produces a specific sound. If you hit them fast enough, the sounds overlap and create a musical composition.

Sound : Flavien Berger

MADD (Bordeaux)

Pictures from Claire Lavabre

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