100 meter stories

100 meters stories

Today we have the capacity to store unlimited amounts of information, with no restrictions in terms of quantity or storage space. Does this apparent absence of limitations have an effect on the quality of the content?

100 Meter Stories is a display screen made up of a moving ribbon mounted on a metal frame. This device re-examines the equation between the sophistication of the message and the restrictions of its display system. As the ribbon moves, it displays an encrypted message. At certain moments the patterns converge to reveal intelligible shapes, which then disintegrate to create new ones. Unlike a USB flash drive, this storage device makes its content visible. There is a direct and obvious link between storage and display. There are six reels corresponding to six different stories. The reel shown here is an interpretation of the story of the Big Bang, the cosmological model used by scientists to describe the origin and expansion of the universe. 

Commissioned by the Jerusalem Design Week for the Human conservation project,
curated by Anat Safran and Tal Erez.

Tamara Efrat

Jerusalem Design Week (IL)